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Networking Communication

Data communication can be simply defined as the transfer of data between computers. A network is a means for computers to exchange such data. The data is treated as a resource and the computers make the nodes. The most commonly known network is the internet.

Organisations may have networks within the control of a single administrative entity, known as intranet. Intranet is generally LAN based. Extranet is similar to intranet, except the fact that it supports a controlled connection to one specific external network. Another type of network is internetwork which is essentially a connection of many networks. The internet is basically an internetwork.

Within an organisation, uniformity of work ethic is essential. This is only possible with the use of a unified IT system. Commonly, it is found that in organisations, that various departments have their own IT system. This restricts cross connectivity and creates confusion, hence setup of a robust intranet would be redundant as the basic IT services are not standardised. VGaint Infotech has garnered global experience and expertise which is capable helping your organisation’s various departments and facets amalgamate into a single entity. Having an integrated system can help streamline processes, hence increasing productivity due to increased efficiency. If different IT systems are used, more time would be spent on deciphering and entering data from one system into another than actually using the data. In one product lifecycle, at various stages, different IT systems may be used. If these systems can be properly integrated together, far higher efficiency in not only production, but also in service and maintenance can be achieved.

With a single integrated system, it is possible to obtain an overview of business, which would even help in planning and laying out new business models. Supervision of overall processes and their relation to other processes will hence be possible. Just as any manufacturing process has to constantly be upgraded to achieve better efficiency from the product and from the manufacturing unit, software systems that run the show have to be upgraded and maintained too. At VGaint Infotech, we have the market knowledge to help you obtain, run, integrate and maintain the systems you need to run your business cycles smoother and faster than ever before.

By bringing multiple software together, your organisations network would become more accessible and efficient, allowing you to achieve higher outputs. With VGaint Infotech’s system integration service, you can make software your ally, not just a liability, which can propel your organisation to wherever you wish to take it.

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